A 4 player split screen competitive battle area. Players compete in unique vehicles to collect the most points by defeating other players. Developed for both PC and Xbox One. 


Gameplay Programmer / Design Director

  • Created a custom vehicle controller and customized it for 8 different vehicles, iterating on 6 of them.

  • Designed and programming multiple vehicle weapon systems.

  • Conceptualized and implemented a scoring system that included gaining points from kills, and turning them in

  • Optimized performance through code in the character controller, and reducing run time complexity by baking collisions and lights, as well as reducing the amount of collision detection needed.

Cut, Copy, Paste

        A 2D puzzle platformer, made in a custom engine. A scientist must escape the digital world he finds himself in using his found powers of cutting, copying, and pasting blocks found around him.


Gameplay Programmer / Designer / Technical Director

  • Created the Physics, and Collision Resolution components of the custom engine.

  • Programmed the object factory that handled objects, and read in levels from save files.

  • Created the save system using JSON in c++ and created a custom editor to create levels in.

  • Designed levels and puzzles that focused on player learning.

  • Created different block types and behaviors throughout the game.